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Who Can Stand in the Coming Judgment?

June 30, 2019 Speaker: Jordan Gowing Series: Hell | A Hard Look at a Hard Topic

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: Romans 2:1–2:16

What is judgment? Who will be judged? Join us this Sunday at CrossWinds Church in Spencer as we look at this important topic from Romans 2:1–16.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. Why is the topic of Hell “off-limits” in our culture today?
  2. What are some common “pop culture” views of Hell? How are these wrong?
  3. What is one thing highlight from the sermon and one question that you had after hearing the sermon?
  4. Our sermon listed three reasons why this series is so important for us today. To which of these three can you most relate?
  5. Read Romans 1:18–32. Here Paul lists 3 “exchanges” that humanity has made that bring the wrath of God. What are they? How have you seen these in your own life?
  6. Read Romans 2:4–5. What are some ways that we can have a tendency to “presume” upon God’s kindness and patience and mercy? What does Paul say that these attributes of God are meant to lead to?
  7. Read Romans 2:12–16. What do the judgments of God ultimately lead to? Who does this text say can stand in the coming judgment?
  8. Read Romans 3:21–26. How does God prove himself both just and loving at the cross How does the cross lead us to worship?
  9. How does the message of God’s judgment and grace at the cross lead to changed lives?

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