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Consider Your Ways

January 28, 2018 Speaker: Jordan Gowing Series: Stand Alone

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: Haggai 1:1–1:13

Join us this Sunday at CrossWinds Church in Spencer as we look at the book of Haggai and our call to kingdom priorities.

Sermon Questions

  1. When churches talk about “priorities,” guilt is often involved. Why do you think that is? Is guilt bad? What are some ways that we can motivate heart change and not just external change?
  2. Read Haggai 1:1-2. Why is the context of Haggai so important for understanding the meaning of the book?
  3. Haggai is written to a group of people who were once devout but who have now grown lax in their spiritual commitment. What causes devout people to grow lazy in their faith? What are some ways to stir them out of their apathy?
  4. Read Haggai 1:3–6. What does Haggai mean by “paneled houses”? What are some modern-day ways that we are tempted to spend God’s resources on ourselves?
  5. Read Haggai 1:3–6. Haggai says that the reason why there is such a lack in Israel is because of their misplaced priorities. What are some ways that we experience “lack” when we have misplaced priorities?
  6. Haggai repeats the phrase, “Consider your ways.” What does he mean by this? Why is this such an important lesson from this passage?
  7. Read Haggai 1:7–8. How do misplaced priorities rob God of his glory?
  8. Read Haggai 1:7–11; Hebrews 12:6–7. What is God’s response to the people of Israel’s apathy? What does it look like for us to be disciplined by God today?
  9. Read Haggai 1:13. What is the significance of this verse? How is God’s presence good news and a source of motivation?
  10. What are some intentional steps you can take to “consider your ways” this week?

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