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A FAITH OF MY OWN Lesson 1: Begin the Journey

Faith Lesson 1 Blog

Dear parents,

Use the following thoughts and questions to have a spiritual conversation as a family. Don’t emphasize having the right answer, but focus on spending time discussing the Word as a family.

We’ve started a new series, “A Faith of My Own.” In these four lessons, students will have many opportunities to begin or nurture a lasting relationship with Jesus. Faith is very personal—something each of us can grow.

In this first lesson, we looked at John 8:30-37, where Jesus addresses false redemption. The people were counting on the faith of their ancestors, rather than making their faith their own. Jesus invites each of us into a relationship with him to begin the faith journey.

Sometime this week, find time to talk with your teenager. It can be at the dinner table, on a walk, or in the car. Feel free to use these questions to begin your discussion:

  • How has Jesus been like a friend to you? When has he seemed closest? furthest away?
  • What interests you the most about a relationship with Jesus?
  • Why do you think people even need to be saved from their sins?

Thanks for all your prayers for our students and our ministry. Have an amazing week!

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