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Youth Ministries Blog

Youth Ministries Blog

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Parents, this is the place for you to find weekly teaching summaries and questions to dialogue with your student about.

From time to time there will be articles posted here with helpful resources targeted at raising and spiritually developing your teen.


A FAITH OF MY OWN Lesson 4: Faith that Lasts

Faith of my own Lesson 4

We just wrapped up the four-lesson series “A Faith of My Own,” where students explored how to nurture a faith that lasts. In our final session we asked what is need for a faith that endures? It is easy for us a believers to be focused on the here and now and the problems I deal most deserving of God’s attention....

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A FAITH OF MY OWN Lesson 3: Listen Up


As we continue our series on “A Faith of my Own” we want to encourage and challenge students to seek and hear God’s voice. You don’t need to be a pastor, or youth leader, or super ninja Christian, simply a follower of Jesus to hear his voice....

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A FAITH OF MY OWN Lesson 1: Begin the Journey

Faith Lesson 1 Blog

We’ve started a new series, “A Faith of My Own.” In these four lessons, students will have many opportunities to begin or nurture a lasting relationship with Jesus. Faith is very personal...

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A FAITH OF MY OWN Lesson 2: Step up, Step out

Faith Lesson 2 Blog

We’re continuing our series called “A Faith of My Own,” as students learn how to nurture a faith that lasts. We’re focusing on how Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with each of us and help us grow in our faith....

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