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Parents, this is the place for you to find weekly teaching summaries and questions to dialogue with your student about.

From time to time there will be articles posted here with helpful resources targeted at raising and spiritually developing your teen.


Tips for Talking with Your Teen

Copy of Copy of Copy of Lesson 1

A few years ago I read an article for youth pastors entitled “9 Tips to Have Great Discussions with Teens.” This article gave me some things to think about, but it also made me think about making tips for parents on great discussions with their own teens.  So here are 9 tips for you as a parent for talking to your teen. These will hopefully help......

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Sexual Integrity

sexual integrity

We talked about sexual integrity this last week at youth group. We highlighted how God designed humanity as male and female and with that sex was something created and commanded to Adam and Eve. It's a good and wonderful thing. The fall though has led sex to be corrupted....

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Wisdom in Dating

Wisdom in dating

For teenagers, the concept of dating usually produces fear, excitement, and frustration...

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Love VS Lust

Love VS Lust

We are on week two or our Love Life series. This week we addressed love verses lust. Our culture most often tells us that lust is love. But we are told in the Bible that lust always seek to get and is selfish, and love seeks the best for others. ...

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Defining Love

Copy of Copy of Lesson 1

We have started our series, Love Life. Our first lesson, Defining love, dealt with the general of question of what is love in any relationship. And what does men to love like Jesus. Love is one of those words that means nothing and everything all at the same time. We use it to describe our affections for everything from hamburgers and TV shows too grandmothers and signific...

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A FAITH OF MY OWN Lesson 1: Begin the Journey

Faith Lesson 1 Blog

We’ve started a new series, “A Faith of My Own.” In these four lessons, students will have many opportunities to begin or nurture a lasting relationship with Jesus. Faith is very personal...

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A FAITH OF MY OWN Lesson 2: Step up, Step out

Faith Lesson 2 Blog

We’re continuing our series called “A Faith of My Own,” as students learn how to nurture a faith that lasts. We’re focusing on how Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with each of us and help us grow in our faith....

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