Core | Culture

July 7, 2024 Speaker: Jordan Gowing Series: Core

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: 1 Corinthians 9:3–23, Mark 12:13–17, Acts 17:22–27

How does our church live out our mission? Join us this Sunday at CrossWinds Church in Spencer as we consider our core value of "culture."

Sermon Discussion

  1. Spend some time checking in with one another and praying for one another. Are there known needs in your life group or in your group’s “sphere of influence” that you can address?
  2. What is one takeaway from the sermon and one question that you had after hearing the sermon?
  3. Based on your experience with CrossWinds, how have you seen this core value lived out? How can we even more effectively live out this core value as a church and individuals?
  4. Read 1 Corinthians 9:3–6 15, 19–23. Engaging culture sometimes means that we are willing to forsake what is comfortable for gospel mission. What are some “rights” that Paul forsakes for the sake of the gospel? How might we follow Paul’s example today?
  5. Read Mark 12:13–17. What is the “trap” facing Jesus. How does this trap describe the two cultural temptations toward assimilation or isolation? What is the “better way”?
  6. Read Mark 12:16–17; Genesis 1:26–27. How is cultural engagement a part of what it means to be made in God’s likeness?
  7. Read Jeremiah 29:7; Daniel 1. How do Daniel and his friends show what it might look like to lovingly engage a hostile culture? What can we learn from them today?
  8. Take some time to review and discuss the EFCA’s Denials and Affirmations. What stands out to you from this document?

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