When Shiloh Stands in Ruins

February 27, 2022 Speaker: Jordan Gowing Series: 1 Samuel | Looking for the True King

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: 1 Samuel 4:12–22, Psalm 78:56–64, Jeremiah 7:8–14

What might God be doing in the ruins of our lives? Join us this Sunday at CrossWinds Church in Spencer as we consider the answer from the story of Shiloh.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. What does it mean to depend upon the Lord? Why are we naturally averse to such a heart posture?
  2. What is one highlight from the sermon and one question that you had after hearing the sermon?
  3. In your own words, how would you describe the state of Israel in the events leading up to 1 Samuel 4? Why are the events of 4:1–11 so offensive to God?
  4. What picture are we given of Eli from 1 Samuel 1–4? What can we learn from his example?
  5. Read 1 Samuel 4:17–18; cf. Exodus 25:10–22. What is the significance of the ark? Why was its loss so devastating to the people of Israel?
  6. Read Psalm 78:56-64. Why does God destroy Shiloh? Read Psalm 78:56–64. In what way is this a gift of grace to the people of God?
  7. Read Jeremiah 7:8–14. What are some similarities between the people of Jeremiah’s day and Eli’s day? What does God want his people to learn from Shiloh?
  8. What does Shiloh’s destruction teach us about God’s concern for his own glory? What does that mean for our lives?
  9. Consider this statement from the sermon: “God might allow ruin in your life to grow your dependence upon him.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What does this look like, practically?
  10. This Time Tomorrow: How does this passage transform your thoughts, actions, or interactions at this time tomorrow?

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