Amazing Unbelief

March 24, 2019 Speaker: Jordan Gowing Series: Mark | The King and the Cross

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: Mark 6:1–6

What is the root of unbelief? What can we learn from Jesus's hometown? Join us this Sunday at CrossWinds Church in Spencer as we look at Mark 6.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. What do people mean when they say, “Familiarity breeds contempt”? Does this saying apply to this passage? Why or why not?
  2. What is one highlight from the sermon and one question that you had after hearing the sermon?
  3. Read Luke 4:16–30. What does Jesus claim before the crowd in Nazareth? Why are they offended by Jesus’s words? What are some ways that Jesus’s words are offensive today?
  4. Imagine growing up in Nazareth with Jesus or watching him grow up. Do you think it would be difficult to accept his claims and rightly understand his power? Why or why not?
  5. Read Mark 6:1–6 and Mark 3:20–21, 31–35. Compare and contrast the responses of Jesus’s family and the people of Nazareth to Jesus’s ministry.
  6. Read Mark 6:5; Luke 4:23; Mark 8:11–12. Why does Jesus refuse to perform miracles in Nazareth?
  7. Read Luke 7:1–10. What does Jesus find “amazing” about this centurion’s faith? Contrast that faith with the unbelief of the people of Nazareth.
  8. What does this passage teach us about unbelief?
  9. What are some ways that people only accept Jesus on their terms and not his? What are some areas where you find this challenging?

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