The Lord of Mercy

March 10, 2019 Speaker: Jordan Gowing Series: Mark | The King and the Cross

Topic: Sunday Morning Teaching Passage: Mark 5:1–5:20

Join us this Sunday at CrossWinds Church in Spencer as we continue to explore discipleship in the Gospel of Mark.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever been an “evangelist” for a product, company, or experience? What was it? What motivated you to share with everyone?
  2. What is one highlight from the sermon and one question that you had after hearing the sermon?
  3. Read Mark 5:1–20. In the modern West, we are faced with two dangers when it comes to demon possession: rejecting the possibility of the demonic or believing that there is a demon “behind every corner.” How does this story help us strike the right balance?
  4. Read Mark 5:1–6. How do these verses describe this man? Put yourself in the shoes of the disciples after the storm. How would you respond when you reached the shore?
  5. Read Mark 5:7–12. These verses reveal that Jesus is faced with an entire army of demons and yet he prevails with his voice. What does that teach us about Jesus’s power? How does this influence how we view the battles that we face in our lives?
  6. Read Mark 5:13; John 10:10. What do these verses reveal about the murderous intent of the demonic toward humanity?
  7. Read 5:14–17. How does the gathered crowd respond to Jesus’s power? How does their rejection of Jesus reveal a “more logical” of what it means to follow Jesus than many people today?
  8. What might God be calling you to surrender in obedience as his disciple?
  9. Read Mark 5:18–20; 7:31, 37; 8:1–9. What is the result of the man’s story and obedience?
  10. 10.Take a few moments to share with one or two people in your group how your life has been transformed by the Lord of Mercy.
  11. 11.What would it look like to share that story with a heart of obedience this coming week?

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