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Why Is Rest Essential For Work?

43% of American enter summer with no vacation plans. An additional 33% will only take a 7-day vacation with two of those days being the weekend, which is really a 5-day vacation. Even when we take vacation, we bring our cell phone and laptop with us. We call it a working vacation, which is a contradiction in terms. Is all this work making us more productive? Discover ...

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Why Is Ordinary Work Important Work?

Some speakers at Bible conferences will challenge you to give your life to full time ministry. While that challenge is good, occasionally the motivation used for it isn't. Is it true that leaving the business world moves you from a life of success to a life of significance? Is it true that a business career isn't as pleasing to God as one in ministry? In this message w...

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Compelled to Recommend

The love of Jesus compels us to do some crazy things. It compels us to speak about Jesus to our acquaintances, family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. When we speak of Jesus, thankfully we do not need to prove him. We just need to recommend him and let Jesus prove himself....

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Ancient Beauty For The Modern Woman

Women’s cosmetics and clothing is a multi-billion dollar business. Every woman wants to look sharp and be noticed. Unfortunately, many women ignore essential parts of their beauty. What are they? Join us to discover the Bible’s beauty secrets....

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CITY Apps for Apple and Android

The CITY has Apple and Android phone apps...

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