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Archives for September 2017

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Questions on the Afterlife: "Will there be animals in heaven?"

Animals are one the things that make creation beautiful, are they not? The sheer weight of creativity and diversity in the animal kingdom can inspire worship in even the coldest heart. But will there be animals in heaven? ...

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Questions on the Afterlife: "If we know some loved ones are in hell, how can we truly be happy?

This is an exceedingly difficult question to answer because it seems as though the thought of eternal conscious punishment of anyone would put a damper on our happiness in the New Creation, let alone the thought of the eternal conscious punishment of those we loved dearly in this life. To make matters even more concerning, I think there is a question hidden within this que...

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Questions on the Afterlife: "Should I trust near-death experiences?"

Every so often, there is a new book or movie released claiming a personal experience with life after death. Many of these books become best sellers (and later inspire movie adaptations). But should we trust these accounts? It depends on what you mean by “trust.” ...

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Questions on the Afterlife: "Will a baby age or stay a baby in heaven?"

What happens to little ones who end up in God's presence?...

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Questions on the Afterlife: "In heaven will we still be male and female?"

How do we respond to the claim that Jesus teaches we will no longer be male and female in the New Creation?...

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Questions on the Afterlife: "How do we respond to claims of communicating with the dead?"

What do we make of King Saul's trip to see a medium in 1 Samuel 28?...

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